You are invited! Backside Learning Center virtual fundraiser April 6

If you know Donna Barton Brothers, you know how persuasive she can be. And she wants all of us to attend the Backside Learning Center’s April 6th virtual fundraiser GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT during happy hour, with Donna, Caton Bredar and Britney Eurton handicapping the Kentucky Derby and Oaks. This is the COVID-version of one of the Churchill Downs-located BLC’s major fundraisers, but in this instance the virtual format  creates the opportunity to invite guys. Here’s Donna’s message, with link to invite:

Donna Barton Brothers


If you know me, you already know about the Backside Learning Center (BLC) but just in case you do not, the Center is an independent, non-profit organization that is building community and enriching the lives of equine workers and their families at Churchill Downs racetrack. The BLC means a lot to me because I’ve seen the way it’s enriched the lives of the workers who spend 7 days a week on the backstretch, caring for the horses—and I’ve seen how it’s improved the possibilities for their children!

I’m reaching out to let you know that the BLC is holding their 5th Annual GIRL’S NIGHT OUT OAKS & DERBY PREP: A Benefit for the Women of the Backside, featuring Caton Bredar, Britney Eurton and myself on Tuesday, April 6th from 5–6pm EDT.
Grab your favorite cocktail and fascinator and join us for an Oaks and Derby Prep Party! This event is benefiting the women who make up 1/3rd of the workers on the Backside. Funds raised from this event will support educational and social services provided by the BLC to women and their children.

TVG Presenter Caton Bredar and TVG/NBC’s Britney Eurton and I will provide insider handicapping tips, as well as present our current favorite Kentucky Oaks & Derby selections. The best part, since it’s a “virtual event” we’re inviting the guys to join us too! It would mean a lot to me if you joined me for this event!

Click here<> for more information about how to register, details, raffle items and sponsors and I look forward to seeing you there!

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